He stated this at a press conference after talks with the Foreign Minister of Belarus Vladimir Makei.
"I do not think it will affect the situation, given the positions taken by opponents of the regime. They get enough of different weapons, including modern. They are actively using these weapons. And it is not for nothing that they say they will go to the conference only after having won some part of the Syrian territory. If you follow this logic, we will never convene any conference. We proceed from the fact that our Western partners have committed themselves to ensure the consent of the opposition to arrive at the Geneva Conference without preconditions in order to fully implement the provisions of the Geneva communiqué of last year.”
Sergei Lavrov described the results of the investigation of chemical weapons in Syria:
"Our experts took samples on the spot, examined them in the laboratory that is certified by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, and came to the conclusion that the projectile as well as the sarin contained in it were not produced industrially. There are very clear unambiguous conclusions regarding the fact that the characteristics and the projectile, and this sarin itself do not meet the standards that are used in industrial production. According to our additional data, the projectile and the substance were manufactured in February 2013 on Syrian territory, which was then under the control of the Free Syrian Army, by one of the groups that is affiliated to this Free Syrian Army".
Sergei Lavrov commented on the position of some Western countries on the situation about the use of chemical weapons in Syria:
 "I have heard, by the way, the reaction of the U.S. representatives that they are not convinced of the accuracy of our findings. We passed a comprehensive collection of documents, running into more than 80 pages and photos, and specific indications of geographical origin, specific guidelines and procedures that were followed, the results, and so on. We guarantee that the samples were taken by experts who did not let the samples out of their hands until they reached the laboratory. The claims made by the United States, our French, British partners that they have evidence of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime - do not have any basis or such an evidence. They contained no indication of any place or time. Moreover, they stated that the data on which it was concluded, did not confirm that the samples were taken directly by the representatives of those who carried out the tests later. These samples were passed from hand to hand. Some of them, according to our own Western partners, had been received from journalists. This is totally not in conformity with the standards that exist in the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. "
According to the minister, the conclusions of Russian experts have already been transferred to the Secretariat of the UN Security Council, and there are no obstacles in the way of these materials being made public.
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